Hi! My name is Lizzy!

You may be wondering why I’ve gathered you here to my Ohio Plants Website. Well, it’s because I am starting a secret society of plant enthusiasts, and my sources tell me you are interested!

…Okay, that may not be entirely true. I’m actually a fourth-year Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife major with an Entomology minor. My passions include wildlife rehabilitation, education, and research. My undergraduate research focuses on population genetics of bumble bees from the western United States, so why am I here talking about plants (apart from creating a secret society)?

The truth is that I’ve been learning all about animals and insects, but I feel as though my plant knowledge is lacking. I’ve lived in Ohio for most of my life, but somehow I am not an expert on all plants in the area. I could drone on and on about the animals and the bees here, but not about the plants they rely on. I know you are as shocked as me at this revelation, but trust me. After this class, nothing will stop me and my society of Ohio plant enthusiasts!

Below is my coat of arms that I am using to recruit members to my plant society. It shows the focus and love I have for bees and other animals. My motto is even “it’ll bee okay” to remind me to enjoy the journey of learning rather than stress about the little things. However, you’ll notice my coat of arms is encased in a beautiful flower (100% biologically accurate, might I add). This represents the way I plan to use plants to connect my studies together and grow along with them in the process.

I look forward to learning all that I can about Ohio plants and hope you join my society that will one day RULE ALL THE PLANTS OF OHIO get others interested in plants too!