Hello Everyone, my name is Matthew. My symbol in my Coat of Arms is fishing. I drew this because I have always enjoyed fishing, it is one of my favorite activities, and I want to base my future career on fisheries. My motto is “Be Prepared” by Baden Powell also known as the creator of Boy Scouts. The motto has helped me prepare myself for the future outcomes that weren’t expected…cause you know college doesn’t go smoothly. The motto also reminds me of my times in Boy Scouts. I live in Defiance, Ohio, out of time right next to a couple of acres of wood that I visit every day when I’m home. I am majoring in Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife and this is my 4th year in this degree. When I’m done with college I want to move somewhere warm because Ohio gets cold too often. I mainly want to work studying the population dynamics of fisheries because my all-time favorite class was stats. My favorite plant would be the shagbark hickory tree mainly because it spent a lot of time around them as much of the trees in the forest by my house are shagbark hickory. Plus I think their trunks look really cool. My favorite aspects of the natural world are how much it contributes to our survival. Without many things from the natural world, we would not be able to exist. Even with so many different animals, plants, insects, etc., we are all a part of one system. When I think of the word Botany I think about the study of plants, plant biodiversity, biological aspects of plants, and how plants affect other aspects of ecosystems. My goal for this class is to learn more about the biology of plants. I also want to improve my knowledge of plant identification as these can help me in my future career.