Hi! My name is Hannah. I’m a fourth year zoology major and environmental science minor. I’m super interested in the conservation biology of both animals and plants. Some of my hobbies include reading, gardening, crocheting, taking pictures, and playing video games.

In my coat of arms, I drew a strawberry as my symbol because they are one of my favorite fruits and I think they are very cute. I have a potted strawberry plant on my front porch this year that produced ~6 strawberries in early summer (student accommodations=container gardening!). As my quote, I chose “Be kind to all kinds.” I love this quote because it applies kindness and respect to all kinds of living creatures, plants and animals and bugs included! The place that I call home is a small town in eastern Ohio where I spent most of my time as a kid outside.

I’m very pleased that the genus for my URL is rubus. Upon looking it up I find that this genus includes raspberries! My parents’ backyard has huge, gorgeous red raspberry bushes that produce an abundance of berries. Fresh red raspberries straight from the bush in summertime just screams “home” to me.