Hello, thank you for checking out my website! My name is Emily and I am a fourth-year Environmental Science major with a specialization in Ecosystem Restoration. I am very excited to learn more about Ohio plants because they play such an important role in our ecosystems!

A little about me is that I enjoy being outdoors, listening to music and podcasts, and my favorite flowers are Delphiniums! I also love cats– domestic and wild!¬† A quote that resonates with me is “I am still a work in progress, and hope to always be”. I Like this quote because it gets at the idea of always improving and growing/changing as a person. Personally, I find introspection to be very important. I tried to show this in my “coat of arms” by (attempting to) draw a small Delphinium with an arrow representing it growing into a larger one. The background of my coat of arms is the silhouette of buildings to represent my home and family from the Cleveland area. If you know me, you know that family is very important to me!